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VS Project Takeover: Exhibition titled "HOPE" providing voices to both designers and artists | 2018


For Immediate Release | New York, NY | Vancelette Inc. announced the launch of VS Project Takeover: the launch of a one-night exhibition presenting Fashion + Art exhibition titled "HOPE."

Curated by Rachel D.Vancelette, contributing editor for Vogue Italia and independent contemporary curator, the event was created to speak to "HOPE' and provide the voice of both designers and artists. The merging of art + fashion presents 13 contemporary artists and jewelry designers.

The exhibition was located in the trendy lower east side gallery. A small and intimate space, VS Project Takeover happened for one-night-only and presented the latest conversations among contemporary artists and jewelry designers in New York York City today. Each artist and designer presented their statement on the meaning of "Hope" while a percentage of the proceeds went to the Anton Yelchin Foundation to raise awareness for creatives with disease and disability.

Vancelette herself had a debilitating accident to her right hand which left her right hand partially disabled in 2011. A jewelry designer herself who now merges medical solutions with luxury jewelry. The exhibition presented contemporary artists and designers whom she has specifically curated and who have continued to sustain Vancelette's sense of hope over the years and continue to inspire.

Anton Yelchin Foundation |Empowering & supporting young people engaged in the creative arts who face career challenges due to debilitating disease and disability. % Percentage of funds raised from sales of the event will go to AYF. Please find the button for individual donations directly. Vancelette Inc. thanks you for your support of creatives with diseases and disability.

Artists personal dedication to the Anton Yelchin Foundation, presented their thoughts on the meaning of "HOPE"

Interview by Rachel Vancelette

(Click on names of artists for more about the artists and designers)

My piece embodies my hope for this year, and my future, like a parting of the storm clouds that have descended over my life in recent years, I look toward each day for the possibility of something better and carry this hope with me like a fire that will never be extinguished. 

~ Breanna Martins


Breanna Martins

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